St. Louis County Board expected to approve 0% levy increase for 2016
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St. Louis County Board expected to approve 0% levy increase for 2016

WASHINGTON, D.C. – September 9, 2015 – (RealEstateRama) — St. Louis County Commissioners are preparing to vote on the maximum property tax levy for 2016, and based on preliminary discussions, the Board reinforced their commitment to holding the levy at the same level as this year: $116.6 million. Commissioners are poised to vote on the zero percent levy increase at their next meeting, on Tuesday, September 22.

During today’s Committee of the Whole meeting, Board Chair Pete Stauber praised his fellow commissioners and County staff for their efforts to achieve a goal set by the Board earlier this year – a zero percent levy increase. “I am extremely proud to chair the Board in a year when we’ve worked so hard to overcome challenges, and I anticipate a zero percent levy increase,” said Stauber. “That said, much hard work continues to ensure services will not be compromised. We are committed to delivering the vital services our citizens and businesses depend on – including public safety, roads and bridges, and support for our most vulnerable residents.”

Commissioner Keith Nelson, who chairs the finance committee, added, “A zero percent levy increase at this time is the responsible thing for us to reach. New dollars from the Transportation Sales Tax are being dedicated to address the significant road and bridge challenges across the County. We recognize our taxpayers and visitors have stepped up in support of this critical need, and so we’ve stepped up our efforts, too.”

“The combination of a growing tax base and a zero levy increase should translate into a reduction in property taxes for most St. Louis County residents in 2016,” said County Administrator Kevin Gray, “Thanks to the Board for their continued commitment to best budget practices, which contributed to achieving this goal.”

By law, Minnesota counties must set their maximum preliminary levy – that portion of the budget collected through property taxes – by the end of September. As the Board and staff work to finalize the 2016 budget over the next few months, the levy amount may be reduced, but it cannot increase. Commissioners are set to vote on the final capital and operating budget on December 15. Two public meetings to gather input on the levy and budget will take place prior to the budget vote.

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